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Sales Tax Report

Sales Tax Numbers

Sales Tax Numbers

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I hope everyone's 2018 is getting off to get a good start.

Be Like Tom Landry

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My misguided friend Al will appreciate my Dallas Cowboys reference but the rest of you will rightfully wonder why a Chiefs/Royals/Tigers fan is using the image of this Pro Football Hall of Fame Coach.  Let me explain...

For my readers who aren't football fans or of a certain age, Tom Landry was the longtime coach of the Dallas Cowboys from the 60's through the 80's.  Besides his hat, his distinct trademark was that his facial expression never changed no matter the game situation.  Tony Dorsett caught a pass and ran 80 yards for a touchdown?  Landry's face was the same.  Roger Staubach throws an interception?  Same face.

My best advice when looking at sales tax numbers (or the stock market or other economic figures) is to be like Coach Landry.  The January and February reports are indicative of this.  The January report showed a 2% gain in receipts BUT because part of that money was distributed early in December the actual money deposited from the Department of Revenue showed a double digit loss compared to last year.  Use tax receipts have been up over the first two months of the year including a whopping increase in February's numbers which yielded one of the highest use tax deposits in recent memory.

How would Coach Landry react to a month's report?  You guessed it.  The same.  A month's report is just a snapshot of reported collections.  A better indicator of how sales and use tax is going is six months into the year which almost every year except maybe one year predicted whether revenues would be up or down for the rest of the year.

So, put on your fedora and a stone face and review this month's report which can be accessed in the link below.

In Memory of Ed Bradley

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Northland icon and active member of the Platte County community Ed Bradley passed away earlier this month.  Ed was a familiar face at community events and deeply involved in growing our community and making it a better place.  He will be deeply missed by family, friends and colleagues - but his presence will be felt for generations to come.


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Thank you for reading.

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